March 19, 2005

frog stationery

Michael told me you called when I was in the bathtub. I tried calling you one night last week after you called and kept getting a busy signal. But I just wanted to dash off a short note to confirm that I'm coming home for Easter.

I will be leaving early afternoon Thursday. I'm a member of the Design Committee for the new ER we are planning to build at Athens Regional. We spend hours on such topics as "Should this counter extend one foot out and have drawers underneath it?" and a million other such vital topics. Of course, we want the best ER we can get, but I have headaches by the time I get out of those meetings.

Getting back into the swing of work hasn't been as hard as I thought, but I do get very tired sometimes. I haven't started back going to the gym and I'm not doing nearly as much when I'm off work, but I have been organising my warehouse and setting aside things for a proposed yard sale. And I've sold two computers and used the profits to build an even better one.

See you Easter.