Chapter 20

Between yes and no
How little do they differ from each other?
Between good and bad
How much alike are they to each other?
What is feared of men
Can not be not feared
Wild oh
It has no end
The Multitude are jubilant
As if celebrating the supreme ox-feast
As if climbing the spring terrace
I alone am calm oh
He who has no sign
Ignorant oh
As if a baby who not laughed
Exhausted oh
Seeming as if nowhere to return to
The Multitude all have too much
But I alone seem wanting
I have the heart of a fool
Commoners are brilliant
I alone am muddled
Commoners are sharp
I alone am dull
Placid oh
It is like the seas
Stormy oh
Like without cease
The Multitude all have a why
But I alone am stubborn and uncouth
I alone am different from men
And treasure mother's milk