Chapter 38

Highest Virtue is Not virtuous
Therefore it has Virtue
Low Virtue does not lose virtue
Therefore it is without Virtue
Highest Virtue does nothing
But not have to act
Low Virtue acts
But has to act
Highest caring acts it
But does not have to act
Highest righteousness acts it
But has to act
Highest rituals act it
But none answer it
Then it bares its arms 
And forces them
Lose the Way and Virtue is left
Lose Virtue and caring is left
Lose caring and righteousness is left
Lose righteousness and ritual is left
Truly those of ritual
Wear thin loyalty and trust
And this is the start of trouble
Those who make predictions
Ornament the Way
And this is the beginning of folly
Therefore the great sir
Sticks to thick
And does not dwell on thin
Sticks to solid
And does not dwell on ornaments
So leave this and take that