Chapter 39

Of old these attained One
Heaven attained One to clarity
Earth attained One to peacefulness
Spirit attained One to divinity
Valley attained One to fullness
The Many attained One to life
Princes and kings attained One
To act as standard of the World
It causes it indeed to say
Heaven without clarity 
I fear would burst
Earth without peacefulness 
I fear would be abandoned
Spirit without divinity 
I fear would dissolve
Valley without fullness 
I fear would be spent
The Many without life 
I fear would die
Princes and kings without model 
I fear would fall
Esteemed is the root of humble
High is the base of low
Therefore princes and kings call themselves
Orphans and widowers and worthless
Is this not the root of humble?
Is it not?
Extreme praise is without praise
Therefore do not desire
To sparkle like jade
Or clatter as stone