Chapter 64

If it is resting it is easily held
If it has not yet appeared it is easily planned for
If it is fragile it is easily broken
If it is minute it is easily scattered
Do them before they happen
Govern them before they are disordered
A tree of full embrace
Is born from a tiny seed
A terrace of nine stories
Rises from a heap of dirt
A journey of a thousand miles
Begins with a footstep
Those who do ruin it
Those who hold lose it
Therefore the Sage
Does nothing so ruins nothing
Holds nothing so loses nothing
In pursuing the work of the people
Always come close to success 
And ruins it
If you are as careful at the end as the beginning
Then your work will not be ruined
Therefore the Sage 
Desires Not to desire
Does not honour rare goods
Learns Not to learn
Returns to places the Multitude has passed by
To assist the Many naturally
And not dare do