My Nanny What Stays On Belle Isle

by Poe

Here is a pitcher I made of my Nanny what stays on Belle Isle. Daddy says she's almost 100 years old, but I made her look young in this pitcher cause she is young in spirit. As you can see, she is very beautiful. She smells good too. She smells so good Revlon bottles it up and sells it as Intimate perfume.

I am her favrite grandchirren, but I don't like to tell it cause all the other grandchirren would be jelous. She nearly bout has a fit evertime I come to visit her, and she always slips me 5 dollers when I leave. But Sappho always finds it and invests it for me, even though I want to use it to buy weenies and choclit which is very good for a growin boy like me.

Here is a pitcher of me and my Nanny what stays on Belle Isle and my cuzin Gray. As you can see, Nanny is faverin me in this pitcher, and Gray won't get out the way. You can see he's just eat up with jelousy. You can also see that my Nanny is holding back a fit she's bout to have. You can also see a tear in her eye cause Daddy took this pitcher right before he snatched me away from Belle Isle where I was supposed to stay. Nanny needs me round the house cause she's barely makin it what with her bad knees and all.


P.S. I love my Nanny!!!

Volume 6 : Number 3