Letters Home

Blogging is all the rage now, though most of what people are writing even a mother would not care to read. These letters were written when my mother was a captive audience. Whether anyone else will be interested enough to slog through this backlog is doubtful, but I post them here so I need not email them. Read them at your own rate, or not at all, no saves or deletions necessary.

031125 Holidays

040303 Spring Celebrations

040905 Fall Cleaning

041009 Camping Party

041023 Camping Party Cleanup

050209 Upheaval

050215 Downheaval

050319 Designing

050703 Party, Party, Party!

050809 New House

050813 New Numbers

050827 I Sing The Mower Electric

051215 My Yardsale

060416 Eastery